Vincent Irizarry days deimos gallery jp
Credit: Image: John Paschal/JPI

Looks like Vincent Irizarry is making himself at home on the range.

Soap-hopper Vincent Irizarry — most recently Days of our Lives’ Deimos Kiriakis — is back in the saddle again. In all likelihood literally, too. He’s been hard at work on a series called Wild West Chronicles. “The story itself,” he explained on Instagram, “is based on real accounts and people during the late 1800s, yet [it’s] absolutely relevant today.”

When it comes to his own role, Irizarry, a 2009 Daytime Emmy winner for his work as David Hayward on All My Children, is less forthcoming. “Can’t share too much about it at this time,” he insisted, “only that it was a wonderful shoot with some fantastic actors and talented crew.”

The feeling, it would seem, was mutual. Co-star Jack Elliott couldn’t contain his excitement over the fact that on screen he’d gotten “to joust with the one and only Vincent Irizarry yesterday on episode six of the new series.

“Dude is an absolute legend,” he added. (Hey, no arguments here.) “So much fun.”

Neither actor disclosed when the show would premiere, but we’ll certainly let you know as soon as we know. “Looking forward to it airing in the months ahead,” said Irizarry. “Stay tuned!”

Oh, you can bet we will. In the meantime, perhaps you might enjoy the below photo gallery, which is almost as wild as the West: It reveals the real ages of some of your daytime favorites. Brace your jaws, though, lest they drop as you scroll through the pictures. (Yeah, it’s like that.)