days-of-our-lives-greg-vaughan-angie harmon relationship timeline
Credit: Images: NBC, TNT

Sounds like somebody’s getting ready for his marriage vows!

Sometimes an Instagram post is more than just an Instagram post; sometimes it’s so lovely and heartfelt, it reads like… like poetry. Such is the case with the birthday message that Days of our Lives‘ Greg Vaughan (Eric) sent on August 10 to his “everything,” fiancée Angie Harmon (Rizzoli & Isles).

“If I were to live a hundred lifetimes, or wish among the thousands of stars, far beyond [what] the eyes can see,” he wrote, “I’d find you… and I’d always choose you!

“May all your wishes and dreams keep coming true,” he added.

And they say romance is dead! Of course, if you’ve been following the couple’s love affair — or have checked out’s photo-filled relationship timeline — you know that when Vaughan speaks from the heart, it’s a thing of beauty. For instance, after he proposed over the holidays in 2019, he wrote, “I wanted you, I dreamt of you… Every day, you and me, forever you will be mine.” Sigh.

Of course, Vaughan has also recently made headlines for a big breakup — with Days of our Lives. After announcing that he was done playing Eric, at least for now, he told Soap Opera Digest that unkept promises had left him feeling “like a glorified extra in everybody else’s storyline.”

Though the Emmy winner has suggested that he may just be “taking a break” from the NBC soap, if the powers that be decide to recast his role, these 10 actors have the potential to do it justice. Heck, one of them already played the part way back when!