Eve taunts Ben on Days
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Gwen makes Chad an offer.

In the Days of our Lives extended spoiler video for August 10 – 14, Allie flees the hospital, leaving a letter behind directing Nicole to raise her baby, causing Sami to fume. Claire catches Eve spying on Ciara and Ben kissing in Salem Place, and tells her that killing Ben won’t bring Paige back. She tells Eve, who is sporting a black wig, that she’s pathetic, and Eve slaps her. Ben and Ciara get intimate, Hope and Rafe get close again, and Gwen tells Chad that she wants him in his bed and pulls him into a kiss.

A recap of what happened last week. Eve and Vincent brainwashed Ben into killing Ciara, but he doesn’t remember it. Hope and Ciara were able to rescue Ben, but Vincent and Eve got away. Allie learned both Lucas and Will kept Sami’s secret that she talked Rafe out of adopting her baby, and felt betrayed by her entire family. Gabi conspired to keep Chad from knowing about an important meeting with Li Shen and some investors in order to take his place, but Shen needed a blood DiMera for this meeting, so she convinced Jake to go with her.

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Video: Days of our Lives/YouTube