Xander Kiriakis and Sarah Horton reconnect on Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Xarah heats up the screen this week!

Sarah first opened the door to reconciliation with Xander at Ben and Ciara’s wedding. Though the wedding ended under less than ideal circumstances, Sarah attended as Xander’s date and then agreed to dinner with him after they regrouped post-explosion. Things swing further upwards for Xander as the Days of our Lives spoilers say Xarah reconnects by week’s end. But first, Xander’s insecurity gets the best of him and he seeks out someone’s advice.

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On Thursday’s Days of our Lives, Xander once again turns to Jack to express his fears. Apparently, he’s a bit worried he’ll blow his second chance with Sarah and is feeling a bit anxious. It’s understandable considering his past actions and Jack is one of the few people who can understand where Xander’s coming from. Because while he might be an upstanding citizen now, Jack’s history is filled with his own scandals and skeletons. We imagine he is the perfect person to give advice about being a bad boy in love with a good girl, but really, all Xander needs to do is not steal anymore babies, keep anymore secrets, or concoct anymore schemes.

Jack Deveraux advises Xander Kiriakis on Days of our Lives

Then, on Friday, the reconnection happens. If the episode photos are any indication, it looks like Sarah and Xander dress up and hit the town. Maybe dinner, drinks and a little dancing? We don’t really know what a date with Xander looks like, but did you see this week’s Days of our Lives spoiler video? The beyond steamy clip suggests that whatever Xander might have planned, pays off.

What advice do you think Jack gives Xander? Will Xander do anything he regrets before his sexy date with Sarah? And where will they go next? Speculate about all things Xarah below. Then, look through our photo gallery of red hot couples who never should have worked, and then sign up for Soaps.com’s newsletter for all the Days of our Lives scoop.