victoria konefal leaving days of our lives ciara
Credit: Image: NBC

The question deserves an answer… but we may not like the one we get!

When Days of our Lives leading lady Victoria Konefal posted to Instagram a photo of her latest magazine cover — a gorgeous shot on the front page of Maxim — she did more than let the picture say a thousand words for her. She also posed a provocative question: “Where did the murder hornets go?” asked the actress, who plays Ciara Brady.

“Like, why introduce them,” she continued, “if they aren’t important to the story?”

Hmm. Good question. And she’s right. After we first heard that the Vespa mandarinia, which preys on honeybees, had made its way to North America, we sort of stopped seeing updates about their reign of terror. (Granted, we have had other horrors to contend with since then — we’ve been a little distracted!)

Unfortunately, the murder hornets may still turn out to play a big, scary role in future story: According to Science News for Students, despite efforts to eradicate the killers, several new specimens of the insect were found this summer in the Pacific Northwest, including two queens, one of which had already mated.

In short, our bees could be in trouble, and Konefal might be awfully glad that her jacket looks so thick. Now, ready for some lighter news? Why not forget murder hornets again for a while by perusing the below photo gallery of all of the actors that are returning (or have recently returned) to Days of our Lives? It’s good for what ails ya!