Banus exit gabi final story
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Will she be gone for now… or gone for good? 

Ever since word came down that Camila Banus would be leaving Days of our Lives, we’ve been struggling with the idea of a Gabi-free Salem. So upsetting do we find the possibility that in much the same way that Gabi refused to believe that Jake wasn’t Stefan, we’re going to hold out hope that Banus’ exit — unlike that of so many of her castmates — will prove to be a temporary one.

We suspect you feel the same way. After all, watching Gabi butt heads with unwelcome housemates Gwen and Jake amused us almost as much as it did Chad! Plus, it feels like ages since Gabi’s caught even the smallest of breaks, especially in the romance department. There’s so much story left to tell with the glamorous spitfire who brings a kinetic energy to every scene that we’re simply not ready to bid her farewell.

If, however, it turns out that we have no say in the matter (and really, who do we speak to about changing that situation?), we’d like to at least chime in with a few thoughts as to how Gabi’s departure should be handled. At this point, we’re getting pretty good at this, having suggested exit strategies for Greg Vaughan’s Eric, Kristian Alfonso’s Hope, Victoria Konefal’s Ciara… Quite frankly, we’d prefer characters stop leaving the show!

Being the professionals that we are, however, we’ll step up to the plate and once again pitch our suggestions on how Gabi should exit, whether temporarily or — God forbid — permanently.

Gabi exit storylines whodunit

1. Gabi’s Last Line Is… ‘Whodunit?’

Let’s face facts: One of the reasons we so love Gabi is that she’s the kind of girl who walks into a room, sees a fan and thinks, “Oh, I know exactly what needs to hit that!” Our girl keeps things interesting! That said, those who wind up having to deal with the resulting mess don’t necessarily see her in the same glowing light! There are more than a few folks on the canvas — or lurking around just off to the side of it — who’d love to see Gabi punished. Were she to suddenly wind up dead under mysterious circumstances, there’d be a line of suspects stretching from the Salem police department to Horton Square!

2. Gabi Gets an Offer She Literally Can’t Refuse

Should the mastermind behind GabiChic fill out a resumé, the “other skills” section would be one heck of a read. From drugging people to outwitting kidnappers, she’s done it all! Which would, we’d think, make her the perfect henchperson for someone like Dr. Rolf! Tempted though she might be by a job offer from the semi-mad scientist, she’d likely wind up saying, “Thanks, but no thanks,” forcing him to break out his favorite recruitment technique: brainwashing! Two hypodermics and a brain chip later, she’ll be relocating to… hmm. Come to think of it, where do semi-mad scientists live? A condo on Melaswen Island, perhaps?

3. Gabi Does What the Rest of Us Can’t

We may be stuck at home awaiting grocery deliveries thanks to the current worldwide crisis, but Gabi — lucky, lucky Gabi — has no such restrictions. She’s young, gorgeous, has money in the bank… the world is literally her oyster, and it’s time she says, “Shuck it, let’s go have some fun!” In real life, people go on vacation. And in real life, rich people sometimes go on extravagant, around-the-world jaunts. What better way to write Banus off the show while leaving the door wide open than sending Gabi on holiday. Heck, she could even make cruise-loving nemesis Julie jealous by going on an epic voyage… and sending “Glad you’re not here” postcards from every port of call!

Banus exit gabi fresh start

4. Gabi, Will and Sonny Make a Fresh Start

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that Gabi loves daughter Arianna with all her heart and soul. Like many a parent, she’s made very bad decisions (marrying Nick, for one) in order to give her child a good life. In looking back, Gabi might recall that one of the happiest times she ever knew was that brief, wonderful period where she, Sonny and Will were living together and raising “their” daughter. They were an unconventional family, but their bond was — and in many ways still is — undeniable. With Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Chandler Massey (Will) about to exit as well as Banus, what if the trio decided to recreate those happier days by moving to a new town, far from the painful memories Salem holds? (Anybody else hear the Three’s Company theme song playing in the background? No? Just us?)

5. Gabi Does an Off-Screen Crossover

Regrets? Gabi’s had a few. Chief amongst them? Allowing GabiChic to be swallowed up by DiMera Enterprises. So if a handsome, rich guy looking to start up a fashion house to compete with the one headed by his father came knocking at her door, she’d probably think twice. But after giving The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Thomas Forrester and his credentials a once-over — and realizing that L.A. is at least a little more connected to the fashion industry than Salem — she’d likely agree to design a new line for the start-up. (Here’s hoping while checking his references, she also reads up on his complicated personal life before considering mixing business with pleasure!)

What do you think about the scenarios we’ve cooked up? Before hitting the comments with your idea for writing Gabi off the canvas, seek a little inspiration by exploring the gallery below in which we recount the wild life and crazy times Gabi’s experienced since first arriving in Salem!