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Credit: Images: XJ Johnson/JPI (3)

The grieving mother never even considered the possible collateral damage.

Even if we told Days of our Lives’ Eve that hurting Ben wasn’t going to make her feel any better, she wouldn’t listen. She’s far too blinded — and, for that matter, deafened — by the rage and despair that were born of daughter Paige’s murder. Eve has to strike back. She just has to. It’s inconsequential to her that Ben wasn’t in his right mind when he was dubbed by Salem the Necktie Killer. He simply. Must. Pay.

Unfortunately, Eve, like so many vengeful schemers before her, hasn’t thought through her plan. Yes, certainly, reawakening Ben’s homicidal tendencies will screw him up in altogether nightmarish ways. And he might even do what she hopes he will and break his own heart by making a victim of his bride, Ciara.

It won’t end there, however — that is, if that’s even where Ben would begin a new reign of terror. No one in Salem would be safe. Eve hasn’t given that a whole lotta thought, now has she? And by “a whole lotta,” we mean “any… at all… whatsoever.”

We, on the other hand, have all but obsessed over the havoc that could be wrought. And in the photo gallery below, we count down five characters for whom Eve’s revenge plot could have “grave” repercussions. Do you dare take a peek? Or are you “deathly” afraid that one or more of your favorites might be on the list (and about to be added to a certain other list we’ve been keeping)?