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Ben gets rescued but has Eve’s brainwashing taken effect?

After abducting Ben mere moments after he said ‘I do’ to Ciara, Eve laid out her diabolical plan for her daughter’s killer last week. This week on Days of our Lives, the spoilers say Hope and Ciara find Ben, but what state will he be in? Join the conversation in the comments after we break down the possibilities below.

Poor Ben’s been strapped to a chair ever since Vincent blew up the church and took Ben to the warehouse. Though Vincent carried out the plot, Ben learned Eve was the mastermind – all in the name of avenging her daughter Paige’s murder from the Necktie Killer. Her plan? To turn the reformed Ben back into the murderer he was. The target? None other than the love of Ben’s life Ciara Brady Weston.

Viewers know Ben would never willingly harm Ciara, which means Eve had to brainwash the newlywed. Once that’s complete, it seems Ben is set up for Ciara and Hope to conveniently find, but it remains to be seen how Ben will react once he’s rescued.

Naturally, we have a couple of ideas on how this could play out. One option is Ben immediately attacks upon seeing Ciara. What fun would that be though? To draw out the suspense, he could appear normal until a trigger sets him off and he attacks an unsuspecting Ciara at home, while strolling through the square, or when they’re out on a date. A third option is Ben’s love for Ciara is so strong he either successfully fends off Eve’s brainwashing attempts or Ciara is able to break through to him while he’s in attack mode and bring him back to reality.

Of course, since Victoria Konefal is leaving Days as Ciara Brady, Ben could succeed in harming his wife leading to her exit. Or maybe Eve just makes Ben think he killed her, sending him back to prison or on the run and turning everyone against him, thus extending her sweet, sweet revenge.

What do you think will happen when Ben is rescued? Speculate below and then remember happier times for Cin by looking through our photo gallery of their love story. And don’t forget to sign up for’s newsletter to stay up to date on daytime spoilers, breaking news, and more.