’s Shannon Burrell (Soap Journalist & Editor, Ugly Betty) spoke with DOOL’s Brandon Beemer (Shawn Brady) last week about the upcoming first annual Caribbean Soap Cruise! Brandon is taking James Scott’s (EJ Wells) place.

Brandon tells Shannon about what a fan can expect when going on the cruise. “It’s going to be a great opportunity for fans to meet a lot of actors that are on daytime! I think there’s going to be a total of 10 actors that are on daytime shows right now. The first 100 people are going to be able to sit in and have a VIP breakfast with all of the actors. When you board, there is going to be a photo session for everybody to get their picture taken with anyone they want. There?s going to be lots of events that are going to be on the schedule so everyone will know ahead of time. You can right your own scene to submit and possibly get to act it out with whichever actor you want. There?s going to be trivia and questionnaires and even a time to sit and question everybody. There’s going to be lots of different events. It will be a great time! says Brandon, excitedly. Shannon commented, “That’s something different that hardcore fans will like!” He asks Brandon, “What can your fans expect from you when they have the opportunity to meet you?? Knowing that the cruise is going to be a blast, Brandon says, “They can expect to talk to me and to have a good time! They can expect to see that we are just people too.

As reported earlier by, Brandon reiterates, “I believe the cruise is November 15 – 19 of this year. It parts from Miami and it goes to Key West, Cancun, Mexico and then back to Miami.”

To read more about the Soap Cruise, please read the link here, Soap Cruise 2007!

Shannon Burrell; Soap Journalist, with Christine Fix Editor-in-Chief