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Who will Chloe strike up a romance with this time around?

This week Nadia Bjorlin returns to Days of our Lives, on contract, to resume to the role of Chloe Lane. Bjorlin exited a year ago last August. At the time Chloe was running Doug’s Place with Julie Williams, and the partnership was contentious at best. She and Lucas Horton had resumed a romance, but when his daughter Allie became involved in drinking and partying, he opted to go to Europe to take care of her. When Chloe faced threats from a Mexican drug syndicate, after previously stabbing their leader Mateo to death in order to escape their kidnapping of her and Theresa Donovan, Stefan DiMera moved her into the DiMera mansion for protection. The two had a flirtatious relationship, but ultimately his feelings for Gabi Hernandez won out in the end. Chloe decided to head for New York when a singing job opened up and has been there ever since.

Days of our Lives spoilers indicate that this week Hope, Shawn, Claire and Ciara head to New York to find and rescue Ben, who they suspect has kidnapped him. There they run into Chloe. With Chloe back on screen, and headed back to Salem, we are speculating what her next big storyline could be.

Mentoring Claire

Should Claire want to reboot her musical career, Chloe may be the perfect mentor for her. Her last mentorship under Eve Donovan didn’t go very well and turned into a scheming mess to frame Ben Weston for Claire’s crimes. Chloe is also old friends with Claire’s parents Belle and Shawn Brady.

A fight for Doug’s place

Chloe could want to resume working at Doug’s place, now called Julie’s Place, but Julie might put up a fuss. She was glad to be rid of Chloe when she left for New York. However given Julie’s last year, perhaps her heart has mellowed out some.

A friend to Nicole

With Greg Vaughan set to depart as Eric Brady, Nicole could be left broken-hearted and need a friend. Chloe will also presumably bring Parker, Holly’s half-sibling to town, leading to further adorable bonding moments.

A whole new career

Perhaps what Chloe needs more than anything is a complete re-invention. Characters on the NBC soap have transformed their careers before, so it’s nothing new. Perhaps she’ll follow in her father Craig Wesley’s footsteps and seek to become a doctor. Or maybe given the Salem PD is about to lose half its cops, she’d try her hand at law enforcement.

A new romance

One thing Chloe is going to need is a new romantic partner, and there are several men in town available. Some she’s dated, some she’s married, and some she has never been involved with. Browse our gallery below for who we think would make a good love interest for Chloe. Then sign up for’s newsletter to get the latest news delivered to your email.