days gabi timeline
Credit: Images: XJ Johnson (2), Paul Skipper/JPI, NBC

If all we’re left with is memories, they’re gonna be doozies!

When we heard that Days of our Lives was losing Camila Banus, we’ll admit it — we cursed. We ranted and raved. We might’ve even shed a tear. (Don’t ask anyone whether that really happened, though; they’ve been sworn to secrecy under penalty of the kind of death from which not even Rolf could save them!)

But mostly, we lamented the imminent exit of the rare actress who could make even exposition interesting. And c’mon, Days of our Lives loves its exposition. Yet every time Banus crossed our screens as Gabi, they nearly short-circuited from urgency. There was no “sorta” or “almost” with her character, only a sense of “now or never” that eclipsed even circumstances that were more “now or whenever.”

So, as we (try to) brace ourselves for Banus and Gabi’s departures, we’re looking not forward but back, to revisit some of the intense storylines that made them fixtures on the frontburner. “For a really long time at the beginning of her existence on the show, she was there for a lot of people in Salem,” Banus told TV Source. All that changed, however, when Gabi was sent (back!) to jail. “There’s no going back. The nice Gabi is dead. That Gabi that everyone knew got buried in that prison, and she’s never coming back. And whatever happens from then on, is just going to be worse if you continue to egg her on.”

Truer words were rarely spoken! Click on the photo gallery below to trace the vixen’s steps from good girl to bad, then hit the comments with your all-time favorite Gabi moments. It’s the Internet; no matter how many you have, there’s room!