allie hospitalized after cin wedding days
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Gabi gets distracted when something comes up.

In the Days of our Lives extended spoiler video for August 3 – 7, Xander and Sarah make love, Lani and Eli get news about their baby, and Eve begins to brainwash Ben into becoming the Necktie Killer again. Meanwhile, Hope, Ciara, Claire, and Shawn meet up with Chloe and tell her that they think Eve is the one who kidnapped Ben. Chloe agrees it is possible. At the hospital, Allie confronts Will for plotting with their mom behind her back to make sure Rafe didn’t adopt her baby. Sonny lashes out at Sami for sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong. Finally, Gabi gets an eyeful of Jake straight out of the shower.

A little lowdown on what happened last week. Allie went into labor and delivered a baby boy right after learning her mother talked Rafe out of adopting her child. Claire and Ciara put their heads together and deduced that Eve Donovan kidnapped Ben from the wedding. Gabi was stunned when Chad allowed Jake and Gwen to move into the DiMera mansion. And Eve filled Ben in on her plan to force him to kill Ciara.

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