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Mixed emotions over the Days of our Lives actress’ departure.

News of Camila Banus’ exit from Days of our Lives has been rumored for a while. While there isn’t an official word from her or the soap opera as of yet, it seems to be a done deal. What that will mean for the character of Gabi Hernandez or if Camila Banus will return after a short hiatus remains to be seen, but fans do have some feelings on the matter.

The news of Banus’ departure didn’t sit well with many fans on social media. The reactions on Twitter ranged from heartbreak to assumptions that she’d be back to unhappiness over too many actors exiting. Although, we know a few departing cast members will be back.

While some fans weren’t too broken up by the news on Facebook, Krystle R. said, “No no no no!!!!!! I know the show will go on and I’ll keep watching it and these characters/actors might come back… but dang I loved Gabi! And Ciara and Will and…”

Over on Instagram, several commenters expressed their dismay, while others had a different take over Banus’ impending exit. MsPoirCherie mused, “I think everyone will go one at a time. Realistically the 1 year jump probably wasn’t a good idea. Maybe the goal is to end Days in a unique way.” Anticipating the end of the soap opera is a natural assumption to make after so many cast member exits, but, on a positive note, aside from the many cast members returning, they also have exciting future storylines planned.

Fellow Instagrammer Orbitrans426 is looking forward to a break from Gabi’s vengeance. “It will be nice not to watch the viciousness & meanness for a while. Sometimes you just want to watch a happy day. DOOL seemed to forget that. The good old Days did have some happy good feel days. Maybe we can get that back. Now.”

As we’ve said before, no one is ever truly gone from daytime. There is speculation Camila Banus could return to Days of our Lives as Gabi Hernandez. The character could also be recast and Banus could land a role on another soap opera or a primetime TV series. While we wait and see what happens, tell us what you’d like to happen for Gabi and her portrayer below.

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