Allie is hospitalized on Days of our Lives
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And the lucky parent(s) will be…

Allie went into labor during an argument with Sammi last week and gave birth after learning her mother helped influence Rafe’s decision not to adopt her baby. She also agreed to let her brother Will and his husband Sonny adopt her newborn. Per the Days of our Lives spoilers, Allie makes another decision this week regarding the little one’s adoption. Let’s dive into what that could be…

There are several possibilities of what Allie could decide. One option is that Allie changes her mind about letting someone else raise her son. Viewers have seen this happen countless times on TV – a mother gives birth, holds her baby, and can’t bear the thought of giving it away. While Allie opted not to hold her son, she was definitely emotional over that decision. Keeping her baby would certainly make Sami happy, but it would crush Will and Sonny’s hearts.

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Another option is Allie’s original plan goes through and Rafe decides he does in fact want to be a father right now. The secret about Sami is out and Nicole is on Rafe’s side, so this is not out of the realm of possibility. Also, the fact that Will knew about Sami pressuring Rafe and didn’t say anything probably won’t sit too well with his sister or Sonny when that secret comes to light. Of course, Allie might decide nothing changes – Will and Sonny will adopt her baby.

There could be a couple of wild card decisions as well. Perhaps, someone else on the canvas gets thrown in the mix. Or she chooses random strangers who can’t have their own biological child. Here’s another thought… Allie suffers postpartum depression and decides not to decide, forcing her family to take care of her baby until she’s ready to face such a tough decision. If she’s feeling this way, could she also leave Salem?

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