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Credit: Images: Howard Wise/JPI, John Paschal/JPI (2), ABC, NBC

Any of them could do a fine job picking up where Greg Vaughan leaves off.

When Greg Vaughan revealed that he was finished at Days of our Lives, where he had played Eric Brady since 2012, we immediately tried to put the “finished” in quotation marks. He’d told General Hospital’s Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) on Lucky in Low Country that “it’s never over,” after all. “So I’m not going to say it’s over, but I’m taking a break, if you will.”

As fans of his work, we liked the sound of that. Not as much as “I’m staying forever, chillax,” but we liked it. Then we got to thinking — never a good idea! — what if the Daytime Emmy winner’s break goes on longer than the NBC soap wants to do without his character? Would the powers that be recast? Could they?

It’s certainly possible. Vaughan himself replaced Supernatural star Jensen Ackles in the role more than a decade after he split to try his luck in primetime, and no one can say that that switcheroo wasn’t a rousing success. So the show could definitely try again. And, as hard as it would be at first to accept anyone but Vaughan as Eric, we could conceivably get there. Recasts can work (as these 20 legendary ones prove).

Were Days of our Lives to go that route, the show would have to find someone seriously kickass. Luckily, just happens to know of 10 actors who fit the bill, a group of faces as familiar as they are handsome. To see who they are — and whether you agree with our picks — just click on the photo gallery below.