Ben caught in explosion on Days of our Lives

Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Who was the target of the bomb?

In the Days of our Lives extended spoiler video for July 27 – 31, Sonny and Will celebrate the fact that Will’s sister Allie has decided to give them her baby. Lucas warns Sami that if Allie ever finds out what she did… Sami knows it could ruin everything. Allie goes into labor and later Sami looks in on her grandchild in the hospital nursery. Strapped to a chair and still in his wedding clothes, Ben sees who his captor is. He asks why they blew up his wedding, and questions what they will do to him. Meanwhile, Claire is brought down to the Salem PD and questioned by Rafe. Belle demands that Rafe either charge her or let her go. Ciara turns to Clyde Weston, still in prison, to help her figure out who planted the bomb. Clyde asks her what makes her think Ben was the target. Gabi brags to Chad that Jake carried her home, but he reminds her that Jake has a girlfriend. Gabi points out, “Who would settle for ground beef when you can have filet mignon!” And Chad and Gabi are both stunned when Jake and Gwen waltz into the DiMera Mansion.

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Video: Days of our Lives/YouTube