days of our lives camila banus bad bunny instagram
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Gabi’s portrayer “woke up happy today“ — and felt like wearing a sexy romper.

Even though Camila Banus‘ Instagram post was in Spanish and we almost failed that class twice in school, we nonetheless knew what she was saying (thanks a bunch, Google Translate!). “Even though they say that you are talking about me,” wrote the actress, who plays Days of our Lives’ pot-stirrer Gabi, “[bleep] it, [bleep] it, [bleep] it, we’re good.”

We were fascinated. Intrigued. As much as by any mystery that ever unfolded on screen. What had possessed the self-proclaimed (and no arguments here) “pretty little thing” to pour her “cutie patootie” into a summertime-hot romper and go on such a tear? Who were “they,” we wondered. And, for that matter, what were they saying about her?

Then, of course, being a little slow until that second (er, fourth) cup of coffee kicks in, we realized that she wasn’t the “bad bunny” she was unleashing on the world, she was merely quoting the lyrics to Bad Bunny’s “Estamos Bien,” a hit from two-thousand-freaking-eighteen. (Clearly, we need to get out more. And/or at all.)

Still, although there wasn’t any real-life drama associated with Banus’ post, it was good to see her obviously enjoying her downtime. Now that you’re here, and obviously in the mood for something a little juicy, why not check out the photo gallery below, which recounts some of the biggest backstage scandals ever to rock daytime television? (Remember, it’s only a guilty pleasure if you let yourself feel guilty about it.)