days of our lives recast hope kristian alfonso
Credit: Images: John Paschal/JPI (3), Lifetime

They’ve got the chops to do the job.

Hey, we don’t like to think that Days of our Lives might hire a new Hope any more than you do. To even imagine someone other than Kristian Alfonso in the role is like… like picturing marbles flowing through the hourglass instead of sand. Chickpeas. Bricks. It just doesn’t compute.

But, if the NBC soap decides that it needs Hope, the powers that be could decide to recast the role that Alfonso has played since 1983. She’s already said in no uncertain terms that she won’t be back. “That chapter has closed,” she told Entertainment Tonight in July, “and a new one needs to be started.”

Again, we know — it’s hard to wrap your brain around the notion of a different Hope. However, monumental recasts have happened before — and, miraculously, successfully. Though Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie) might not have embraced Robert Kelker-Kelly as Bo — remember our recent rundown of backstage scandals? — fans took to Peter Reckell’s replacement. And you can’t argue that Drake Hogestyn wasn’t a hit during the stretch when everyone thought that John was the Roman that had previously been played by Wayne Northrop.

So a Hope recast could happen. And it could — maybe, just maybe — work. If Days of our Lives were to go that route, there are 10 actresses that off the top of our heads, we think the show ought to consider. Check out our ideas in the photo gallery below, then hit the comments with any other daytime alumni you’d add to the list.