Gabi Hernandez claims Vivian Alamain is dead on Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: NBC Universal Inc

A terrifying ghostly visit.

In the Days of our Lives extended spoiler video for July 20 – 24, Gabi Hernandez drops a major bomb… Vivian Alamain is dead! Vivian is shown in her casket, and Kate Roberts asks Vivian’s manservant Ivan if she suffered. Then Jordan Ridgeway, in a wedding dress, visits her brother Ben Weston and screams it should have been her marrying Rafe Hernandez. As everyone readies for Ben and Ciara Brady’s wedding, Jake Lambert invites Gabi to be his plus one, and Xander Kirakis asks Sarah Horton to be his date.

Vivian and caskets are nothing new. After her nephew, Lawrence Alamain, and his ex, Carly Manning, discovered that Vivian’s adopted nephew Nikki Alamain was actually their son which Vivian let Carly believed died after birth,  they were furious with Vivian. But not as furious as Vivian was when Nikki began to warm up to Carly as his mother. Strung out on herbs she had begun taking from Dr. Wu which drove her mad, she came up with a plan to bury Carly alive, complete with a two-way radio so she could check in on her suffering, a light built into the casket, and a limited supply oxygen tank. Carly was thankfully rescued, and years later Vivian tried to do the same thing and lock Maggie Horton, who she believed was interested in Victor Kiriakis, in a sarcophagus. When Brady Black learned of her plot, he turned the tables and entombed Vivian in the sarcophagus. Given everyone has come back from these tactics, we wonder if Vivian is really dead?

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Video: Days of our Lives/YouTube