Kristian Alfonso exit Hope Brady Days
Credit: Image: Entertainment Tonight

Days of our Lives star looks forward to starting a new chapter.

On the heels of the shocking news that she would be leaving as Hope Brady on Days of our Lives after 37 years, Kristian Alfonso sat down with Entertainment Tonight to explain her decision to exit. The interview revealed that the choice to go became clear to her after she was informed that her character was about to be made scarce for a period of time. The powers that be had suggested writing Hope off for four to five months before bringing her back with an entirely new storyline that would involve a Navy Seal. The actress, who had been vacillating back and forth about moving on the past few years, stated, “It was the perfect moment to make that decision.”

Alfonso further opened up that the recent global viral situation and lockdown played a role in her decision as well. She said, “It really made me pause and think about life and to really appreciate our health every single day and never take it for granted.” The actress then elaborated, “I was actually able to exhale because I’ve been so busy with my life and really enjoyed just being home and really doing nothing.” She also alluded to missing the jewelry line she used to have outside of Days of our Lives.

In addressing her plans moving forward, Alfonso was quick to point out, “I don’t plan on returning and popping in as others have done in the past.” She added, “I think that chapter has closed and a new one needs to be started.”

The star also clarified that her Days co-stars didn’t know about her exit and that although she had taped scenes set to air into October, and there were more scripts waiting to be filmed when production resumes, rewrites will have to be made to accommodate her leaving. Days’ showrunners haven’t commented on Alfonso’s exit as of yet.

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