Robert Scott Wilson as Ben on Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Chris Haston/NBC Universal Inc

“I’ve definitely never been part of something this wild.”

In case you missed it, reporter Kristyn Burtt interviewed Robert Scott Wilson in June about all things Ben Weston. His protective nature and enthusiasm for his Days of our Lives character shined through, especially when it came to talking about Ben and Ciara’s upcoming wedding.

Wilson expressed his gratitude over how much time and care the show took with the scenes teasing, “The wedding is going to be epic.” Marveling over how the show “spared nothing” when it came to filming Ben and Ciara’s wedding, despite the budget and time restraints Days of our Lives is under these days, he said, “They took care of Ben and Ciara, and I am super grateful.”

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Though he called the wedding beautiful, Wilson warned, “What happens immediately following that is the wildest storyline I’ve ever been a part of, for sure.” He went on to call the actors involved brilliant while previewing, “It’s really heavy, wild, and exciting and I don’t know how many other times something like this has gone down in daytime…I’ve definitely never been part of something this wild.”

While he admitted what happens is up there with the necktie killer storyline, Wilson noted there are higher stakes for Ben now, considering he has Ciara and the life he has built for himself to protect. “I think it’s just going to be exciting and fun for the fans to watch.”

Press play below for the whole interview and tell us what you think will happen after Ben and Ciara’s wedding and then check out the gallery on women who could mend his broken heart if he loses Ciara.