Sami crashes Eric and Nicole's wedding on Days
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Since no one in Salem did – we’re siding with Sami.

In Wednesday’s Days of our Lives episode, Sami returned to Salem just after Eric and Nicole’s wedding. A wedding she wasn’t invited to even though the groom was her twin brother. Then, she learned her daughter Allie was pregnant, and her whole family was keeping it a secret from her. Of course, an argument ensued between mother and daughter and then a cake fight between Sami and Nicole. And not one person at the wedding tried to see things from Sami’s point of view. But we do, and we’re totally team Sami on this one.

Yes, Sami can be impulsive and reactionary and irrational, but who wouldn’t be furious and hurt over their mother, father, step-father, brother, and ex-husband keeping a huge secret from them? To make matters worse, Sami found out at the wedding that she stumbled upon by mistake. Then, to pile on, Allie declared she trusted Nicole – Sami’s arch-nemesis – more than she trusted her own mother. Could no one be sympathetic to that?

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Listen, we’re glad Nicole was there for Allie when she felt she had no one else to turn to, but Nicole could have kept her opinion about Sami’s parenting to herself in that moment. And yes it was her wedding day, but the cake fight was kind of called for. Nicole poked the bear. What did she expect?

What do you think? Do you side with Sami? Or did her actions prove everyone right in keeping Allie’s secret? Vote in our poll and tell us below!

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