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Days of our Lives‘ former Jordan is setting the record straight. Well, straighter.

Honestly, Chrishell Stause is pretty easy to understand. Yet after she took to Twitter to make sure that fans knew anything Selling Sunset castmate Christine Quinn said about her marriage was “a complete lie or total conjecture on her part,” the press somehow took it to mean that she was making a statement about whether she and soon-to-be-ex-husband Justin Hartley

(ex-Adam, The Young and the Restless) had been in couples therapy.

“I absolutely hate that I am addressing this again,” she Instagrammed on July 22. “But how the situation is getting misconstrued is getting out of hand.

“I have now seen headlines like this multiple times,” she added, throwing to a story titled, “Chrishell Stause blasts co-star’s claim that she and Justin Hartley went to therapy.”

Stause’s tweet had only been intended to label Quinn’s remarks “information” in air quotes. “I was never making a statement about whether we were or weren’t” in counseling, Stause wrote. “Therapy is a healthy thing and not something to be ashamed of.

“But when someone outside of a marriage is giving sit-down interviews who is purely guessing… ” she went on. Yeah, you gotta speak up and shut that [bleep] down. In conclusion, Stause suggested that we all “focus on things that matter” — voting, curing cancer, Black Lives Matter and Breonna Taylor.

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