Credit: Image: Sean Smith/JPI

Our hearts go out to the soap vet and his family.

There are those who say that the loss of a pet is nothing compared to the loss of a human family member; “those” are people who have never really understood the bond between us and our four-legged (or two-winged or three-legged or scaly, you name it) loved ones. We, on the other hand, feel — and deeply — for Peter Reckell (ex-Bo, Days of our Lives), wife Kelly Moneymaker and their 12-year-old daughter, Loden: On Wednesday, Moneymaker shared via Facebook that they had lost their dog, Dodger.

“He was a very special being, and we are honored that he chose our family as his own,” she wrote. “We’ve had many profound losses this year.”

Sadly, that’s an understatement. It was only in late June that Reckell lost his father. “While holding [his] hand in those final days, his only regret was, he wished he could do more for those poor people dying out there for no good reason,” the actor tweeted at the time. “He was concerned about all the homeless and the folks affected by this pandemic.”

Only a year before that, Reckell lost his mother, whom he described as “a powerful, compassionate, giving, creative person who will be missed by the many people she touched in her life.”

Needless to say, having suffered yet another loss, “we are devastated,” Moneymaker wrote. Nonetheless, young Loden paid tribute to Dodger by writing his eulogy. It reads, unedited, as follows:

Your soft, deep, loving eyes
stare into my soul
leaving it all out on the floor
You find the kindness
in all hearts, including mine
You are a great teacher
of love, harmony, and peace
You have given me and
all those who have loved you
many years of happy memories
and loved us more than should
have been possible
You are the being
I have always loved and cared for
and I hope I have shown you that
I will miss you extravagantly
but I know you have
a bigger purpose
than just loving us
Our hearts will always be
connected by an invisible cord
that is love
and it will never break
I love you and will miss you
more than you know
This isn’t goodbye …
it is only, “good night”
July 15, 2020

If you think your heartstrings can withstand any more tugging, there’s a beautiful photographic tribute below to the love story of Reckell’s Bo and Hope (the soon-to-depart Kristian Alfonso).