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A little acknowledgment goes a long way.

Kristian Alfonso’s Days of our Lives castmates have been very vocal in their love and support for the veteran leading lady, who announced earlier this month that she had already taped her final episode as Hope Williams Brady. The show and NBC… mm, less so, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the actress’ fans.

A week after Alfonso revealed that she had left her role after 37 years, an admirer tweeted that she was “still waiting for someone, anyone, at [the show or network] to comment on this — or just show some type of acknowledgment.

“Kristian has been with Days for… over three decades!” she continued. “She deserves to be acknowledged for the years of dedication, the amount of hard work and time spent at the studio, and the kindness and love given to her fans.”

Replying not only to the poster but to Days of our Lives, Alfonso tweeted simply, “Thank you for your kind words.”

In sharing on Instagram that she’d reached the end of her run on Days of our Lives, Alfonso called the show “a vital part of both my personal and professional journey” and thanked NBC and “the late [co-creator] Betty Corday, who took a chance on me many years ago and changed my life.”

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