Sami crashes Eric and Nicole's wedding on Days

Image: NBC Universal Inc.

Sami’s on the warpath when she returns to Salem.

Sami Brady is back. Thankfully, she waited until Eric and Nicole said “I do” before she disrupted the wedding at the Brady pub. Her presence is sure to bring lots of drama this week, and beyond, as she looked none too pleased with the newlyweds, and, per the Days of our Lives spoilers, this Thursday, Allie drops a bomb on Sami.

We can only assume that bomb involves Allie’s baby, which Sami knows nothing about. Her whole family and Allie’s father, Lucas, have kept the secret that her daughter is pregnant. That wouldn’t go over with most the centered of people; we can only imagine how Sami will react. Not well is probably the correct assumption.

To make matters worse, Allie wants to give her baby to her former stepfather Rafe to adopt. Which, of course, Sami has something to say about. On Friday, she orders Rafe to turn Allie down. We’re not sure if Rafe has even decided what to do or if he would change his mind on Sami’s orders, but if he does, how will Sami react if Allie then decides to give her baby to Will and Sonny? Would Sami be any more agreeable if her son adopted his sister’s baby?

How do you think Sami will handle all the news coming her way this week? Will she act rationally after she processes it, or will Hurricane Sami continue to raise hell while she’s in town? Speculate below!

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