Ivan has big news
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It’s a week of shocking reveals.

In the Days of our Lives extended spoiler video for July 13 – 17, after crashing Eric and Nicole’s wedding and tackling Nicole into her wedding cake, Allie shows her mother her baby bump and reveals she’s pregnant. Sami’s further stunned when she finds Will and Ben toasting drinks together, and that they are friends. At an event for her book tour, Bonnie is smitten when Lucas rips off his shirt. But is it real or another fantasy of Bonnie’s? At the Salem PD, Ivan returns to help Vivian, and Jake and Gabby are floored when he reveals there is more to the story. And Steve and Kayla check into a motel to reconnect, only to find it has two twin beds.

Last week Justin halted his wedding to Kayla and informed her that Steve was still in love with her and wanted her back. He felt she had the right to know before marrying him. Kayla was shocked to learn that Jack, Jennifer, and Hope also knew. Kayla rushed to stop Steve from leaving Salem on a new assignment, and Justin visited Adrienne’s grave and was stunned to see Bonnie was back in Salem and had become famous for writing a book about her impersonating Adrienne. And after Gabi proved Jake was Stefan with DNA results, she was horrified to learn he ran and slept with Gwen. She made him promise not to sleep around until they straightened out his identity and returned his memories.

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