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The longtime castmates get candid in the latest of their socially-distant Armchair Chats.

Deidre Hall and Judi Evans would never play favorites — except when it comes to their Days of our Lives storylines. In the latest installment of their Between the Glass Armchair Chats on Instagram, the co-stars (as Marlena and poor, ill-fated Adrienne, and Hattie and Bonnie) reveal which twists of plot they liked the best.

“In the romance department, [Justin and Adrienne’s] whole Greek wedding” was the best, says Evans, looking terrific after taking a fall from her horse in May and recovering from you-know-what. “That was big and beautiful.

“But dramatically, I think… my favorite was playing twins with you,” she continues. That, and the breast-cancer storyline.

Hall’s answer is probably a surprise to… no one. “I’m famous for saying the possession [was my favorite] because it’s all about me,” she laughs. “Before I did it, I was called upstairs to have explained to me what was about to happen.”

At that point, the Christmas tree had gone up in smoke, and a certain evil presence had been felt in Salem. Finally, Hall was informed that “it was me,” she recalls. “I was possessed by the devil.” Crazy as the storyline was, she went with it, “because I had such enormous faith in [late headwriter] Jim Reilly… I thought, ‘We’re in good hands.'”

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We’re talking favorite storylines!!

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She did have one request, though. And if you click on the video above, she’ll reveal what it was. Then, if you still haven’t had your appetite for all things Days of our Lives satisfied, you can click on the photo gallery below to recall some of the loves of Marlena’s life. (Yes, there were others besides John. Also, sorry, John; that’s gotta sting.)