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Credit: Images: Sean Smith/JPI, XT Arroyo/JPI, John Paschal/JPI, XJ Johnson/JPI

A single comeback has the potential to upend a whole bunch of lives.

Daddy’s home — or at least he’s about to be. As previously reported, A Martinez is returning to Days of our Lives as Gabi and Rafe’s father, Eduardo Hernandez. And the turn of events has the potential to bring about a whole lot more than just a tense family reunion.

Yes, if Galen Gering isn’t already gone by the time the Daytime Emmy winner (for his star turn as Cruz on Santa Barbara) reenters the scene, Rafe and Eduardo would have to unpack the emotional baggage that’s been in storage since the former had the latter arrested back in 2017. And Eduardo would have to move heaven and earth to convince Gabi that he deserves another chance to be a part of granddaughter Ari’s life.

But the impact of Eduardo’s return goes way beyond his children. For starters, he and Kate — whose dance card has been unusually empty lately — could pick up where they left off, unmake the mistakes of the past and give their relationship the real shot that it always deserved. (Not for nothing, but Martinez and Lauren Koslow had the kind of chemistry that labs only wished they could cook up!)

In addition, since it was the late Deimos who arranged for Eduardo to get busted — and Victor was well aware of his actions — the ex-con could seek vengeance upon the only one of the two of them who still has a pulse. Would even Victor sleep easy knowing that a former assassin had his name at the top of his hit list?

But wait, there’s more. Since Eduardo was sent up the river, daughter Paige’s killer, Ben, has been cured and released. So Eduardo and former wife Eve (whose portrayer, Kassie DePaiva, is also returning to Days of our Lives) might team up to see that justice is served — to their satisfaction, that is, not the court’s. Scary thought, right?

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