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Two actresses leaving their roles, one death, a kidnapping…the crazy rumor mill is at it again!

In June, we teased our readers with some Days of our Lives rumors that shocked many, some that didn’t seem to be quite realistic, while others had at least a shred of truth to them. We’ve got another batch of juicy rumors. Whether or not they’re true, remains to be seen. We may or may not have thrown a few spoilers in with the lot. Take a look, and let us know your thoughts either way.

Revenge on Ben

This leads us to another rumor about Eduardo. Since we know Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) is heading back to Salem, we’re hearing Eduardo returns with Eve and that he’ll help Eve get revenge on Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) by kidnapping him. You might ask why. You might ask why she has waited so long or you might dismiss it because we also have heard rumblings that True O’Brien is making a comeback – as Paige Larson. But why would Rolf bring Paige back? Does he even know who she is?eve donovan chokes ben weston DOOL

Who bites the big one

With Gwen’s (Emily O’Brien) strange and rather crazy behavior and distaste for Gabi, could she be the one gaslighting Claire? And could she be the one who dies? It’s possible unless the third rumor about Eduardo comes to fruition and he dies.Gwen creates interest Days of our Lives

Allie’s baby daddy contenders

We have heard a few possible daddies for Allie’s baby including Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn), Theo Carver (Kyler Pettis), and Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams). Anything is possible in Salem so we’re not going to discount anyone. Maybe there a chance that the reason Allie won’t tell anyone who fathered her baby because she doesn’t know? Days of our Lives likes to repeat history and when Sami became pregnant with Allie and Johnny, she didn’t know if the father was Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) or EJ (James Scott).Allie puts her baby up for adoption

Rope’s reunion

With Hope and Rafe spending so much time together, and knowing that Galen Gering and Kristian Alfonso both leaving Days, it’s been easy to see that this next rumor could come to pass – that Rafe and Hope leave Salem together.Rafe has moving boxes on Days

Salemites don’t use birth control

If Gwen doesn’t die as the one rumor suggests, we’re also hearing that just when Gabi and “Stefan” are about to get together, Gwen reveals she’s pregnant. That’s easy to see as a possibility since she and “Stefan” had sex recently. Could the death be Gwen and Gabi kills her because she can’t bear for Gwen to have “Stefan’s” offspring?Gabi catches Gwen and Stefan Days

Jake’s not Stefan

And the reason we’re using “Stefan’s” name in quotes is that we’re 90% sure that this next rumor is true – that Jake Lambert is not Stefan O. DiMera, but a twin. And Friday’s Days spoiler video helped that along, considering Ivan’s words, “There’s much more to the tale.”Ivan returns for Vivian on Days of our Lives

Ciara dumps Ben

In other rumors… everyone by now knows that Victoria Konefal is reported to be exiting Days of our Lives as Ciara Brady. But what would make Ciara, who is more into Ben than any other couple on any other soap, leave him? Maybe their disagreement over Claire being “crazy” again could send the couple over the edge. Maybe Ben loses it and starts killing people all over Salem with Chad DiMera’s (Billy Flynn) neckties. In the past, when Ciara needed time to think after Tripp dumped her, she ran off to Africa to see Theo. Maybe she’ll return. Maybe they’ll hook up. Or maybe this rumor is just that. Alleged.ciara brady visits ben weston jail DOOL

Camila Banus out

The rumor surrounding Camila Banus leaving that we mentioned last month is picking up speed. We really hope this one isn’t true because Banus as Gabi Hernandez stirs the pot, something that is much needed in any soap opera. But alas, it’s what we heard, so we’re sharing it and since A Martinez is returning to the show as Eduardo Hernandez, Gabi and Rafe’s father, the reason for his return could be because of Gabi is the one being killed off. Or that since Jake isn’t Stefan, maybe she leaves Salem with Eduardo.Gabi prepares learn fate Days

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