Credit: Images: John Paschal/JPI, XJ Johnson/JPI (2), NBC

Relive the highlights of Kristian Alfonso’s wild run as Salem’s most harried heroine.

A full day after learning that Kristian Alfonso is leaving Days of our Lives and the role that she’s played for nearly four decades, we remain shook. To. Our. Cores. And we suspect that you don’t blame us even the slightest. The idea of a Salem without the longtime fan favorite bringing to life Hope Williams Brady is as hard to fathom as, say, Vivian without a cockamamie scheme in her head or Xander with a shirt on.

“I feel blessed and honored to have been invited into people’s homes for” all this time, reads Alfonso’s statement. “However, it is now time for me to write my next chapter. I will not be returning to Days when it resumes production in September. I’ve already filmed my last episode several months ago.”

And already, we’re feeling nostalgic — nostalgic enough, in fact, to rewind and replay in our minds highlights of Alfonso’s thrilling run as the most harried heroine since Pauline was imperiled. So we’ve compiled a CliffsNotes version of Hope’s history, from her traumatic beginning to what’s looking more and more like it’s going to be a happy ending. (For her, at least; we know that fans are divided about the character’s potential endgames.)

To relive a few slices of Hope’s adventurous life, just click on the photo gallery below. Then hit the comments with your favorite memories of Alfonso in the role with which she’ll always be associated.