The loves of Dr Marlena Evans on Days
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The romances of Marlena Evans.

Deidre Hall has played to role of Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of our Lives since June 21, 1976, though her character was believed dead from 1987 until 1991, and also off-screen for budgetary reasons between 2009 and 2011. The character was created by scriptwriter Pat Falken Smith and executive producer Betty Corday. Hall is the second longest-running actress on the serial, surpassed only by Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton Kiriakis). Originally the character was only supposed to be a short term guest character to serve as a psychiatrist to Mickey Horton (John Clarke), which eventually led to a storyline involving her twin sister Samantha Evans, played by Hall’s twin sister Andrea Hall, who was in the same sanitarium as Mickey. It also introduced Marlena to her first love interest on the show, Don Craig (Jed Allen). When Marlena was killed off by the Salem Strangler, Jake Kositchek (Jack Coleman), fans were outraged and called the studio. Fortunately, in a twist it was Marlena’s twin Samantha who was killed in a case of mistaken identity.

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Over the years Marlena’s character has been put through the wringer more than once. Not only has she been stalked, but she’s also been a stalker, having been used by Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) and transformed into the Salem Slasher, who was believed to have killed many of the show’s core characters during the storyline arc. Marlena herself has not only died and returned from the dead, she’s had husbands and lovers do the same. She reconnected with Roman Brady, who had been killed by Stefano so everyone believed, only to later learn he was a pawn and the real Roman was trapped on an island. She had another husband, Alex North, come out of the woodworks too when he was supposed to be dead. Her most memorable storyline to date was being possessed by the devil, levitating above her bed, and plummeting from a 30 story window and survived. But her most memorable love is John Black, who helped save her from the devil. Today is one of the couple’s many wedding anniversaries from back in 1999.

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