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Is Jake a DiMera or just Jake?

Now that she’s out from under the threat of prison time, Gabi can get back to focusing on proving Jake is Stefan. They’ll presumably find out if he is this week, as the Days of our Lives spoilers tease Jake and Gabi reel over his DNA results on Thursday. What will they say? Let’s take a look at the possible outcomes.

The first option is the DNA test will prove Jake is in fact Stefan O. DiMera. It’s what Gabi is hoping for and what Jake reluctantly seems to be questioning. If he is, Gabi won’t leave him alone until he remembers her. Oh, who are we kidding? Even if the results say he’s not Stefan, she probably won’t leave him alone.

The second possible result could prove Jake has DiMera blood in him but he’s not Stefan. There are rumors Jake is Stefan’s twin brother. If this is the case, Vivian will have a lot of explaining to do when Louise Sorel returns to Days of our Lives this week. Unless she was unaware of a twin, which is possible as the spoilers say Vivian will be stunned to hear about Jake.

There’s also the possibility that Jake is just Jake and not remotely related to the DiMeras. Salem is known for doppelgangers, after all. Or he could be wearing a Stefan mask for some nefarious reason. Either way, that outcome could devastate Gabi. She’s so sure Jake is her husband this could make her grieve for Stefan all over again, which would probably lead to more lashing out. If that happens – watch out Salem!

Other options include the test delivering inconclusive results or someone switching them. Because that never happens in Salem, right?

What do you think the DNA tests will reveal? Vote and comment below then look back at Brandon Barash in his dual role through the photo gallery…

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