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Will a wedding crasher ruin Eli and Lani’s big day?

Eli and Lani’s wedding day arrives…again. Will all go off without a hitch this time? Per the Days of our Lives spoilers, maybe not, as someone crashes Elani’s wedding on Tuesday.

If you’ll recall, Eli and Lani were set to say “I do” last year, but Gabi blackmailed Lani into dumping Eli at the altar. A lot can happen in a year as evidenced by Lani almost becoming a nun and Eli almost marrying Gabi who was finally outted for rigging Julie’s heart to explode. Fortunately, true love prevailed and the duo now prepares to walk down the aisle while expecting a baby.

After all their trials and tribulations, which includes the death of their first child, we choose to believe Eli and Lani will get their happily after. Whether we’re right or not could hinge on the wedding crasher. We know Louise Sorel is returning as Vivian. Since Lani was the one who shot Vivian’s son, Stefan, thereby killing him, she could take a page out of Gabi’s book and seek revenge at her wedding. Stacy Haiduk is also returning as Kristen. Though she and Lani are friends, she did go on the run after stabbing Victor, so her presence could bring the proceedings to a screeching halt.

We have a couple of outside guesses to who could crash the wedding as well. Both Eli’s and Lani’s out of town parents are returning for their children’s second round of nuptials. We’re not sure why their presence would be a surprise or how it could potentially stop the wedding, but you never know what dramatic fireworks could go off. And let’s not count out Eli’s ex-fiancée and Lani’s former blackmailer Gabi, who might decide she wants to ruin their happiness once again. Or perhaps she just shows up, strikes fear and extends her well wishes. If Gabi isn’t headed to jail that is.

Who do you think the wedding crasher will be? Will they stop Elani from getting married, or will their presence just be a minor blip on the way to wedded bliss? Speculate below, where you can also look back on their first wedding, and the events surrounding it, in the gallery.

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