Gwen creates interest Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Peeling back the layers.

Emily O’Brien debuted as Gwen on Days of our Lives on June 5. It’s only been two weeks and we don’t know much about her, but I can’t wait to find out more about the calculating character.

Gwen was first introduced as Claire’s friend in the psychiatric hospital. I immediately assumed she’d be a villain right off the bat. Perhaps still struggling with mental health issues which would cause her to do some unsavory things. Despite Jake constantly referring to her as “crazy,” that refreshingly doesn’t seem to be the case, but that doesn’t mean she’s a good girl either. And that’s where most of her appeal lies. Through her initial conversations with Claire about Ben and Ciara, she gave off some bad girl vibes without specifying any such behavior. She definitely seems like you’d want her in your corner should things start to go down though. Just look at how she handles Jake. She’s proven she’s no shrinking violet while also displaying real emotion over the hurt he caused her in the past. I love a character with layers, even if we don’t yet know how deep or where exactly they go.

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Not only has she piqued my interest character-wise, but she proved to have instant chemistry with Jake. Despite their toxic relationship, I want to see where this goes. I can only assume Jake and Gabi are endgame, especially if Jake really is Stefan, but watching Jake and Gwen reunite, or at least Jake bounce back and forth between the women until that happens, could be fun. Gabi’s head would certainly explode over it. A good love triangle is only as good as all its parts and this one has the potential for can’t-miss fireworks.

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