brady finds knife days of our lives
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Things could start to look up for Brady.

Things aren’t exactly going Brady’s way these days. He lost his daughter (again) and the woman he loves (again) when Kristen took Rachel on the run with her. Then, he put a plan in motion to tank Titan to get revenge on Victor for letting him think Rachel was dead in the first place. However, Ciara, with little to no experience, caught on to him quickly. It didn’t stop there as he failed to perform when he tried to have sex with Sarah. Now, the Days of our Lives spoilers suggest Victor may also be onto Brady’s plan to destroy his corporation.

It all starts on Tuesday when Victor confronts Brady. Unless there’s something else Brady has going on, we can only assume Brady’s granddad knows what he’s up to. Victor may be getting up there in age, but Brady should know better than to try and pull one over on him. In an interesting twist, Victor might show some compassion though as the next day Eli is said to throw a wrench in the Kiriakis men’s plot. This could mean their issues are water under the bridge. If so, what could they possibly be planning together? And how does Eli affect their goal? Hopefully the cop won’t be too much of a nuisance as Eli does have a wedding to get ready for.

Despite Brady’s bad couple of weeks (bad year?) things could start to look up as the following week a certain someone resurfaces. Is Kristen’s return what Brady and Victor team up over? Victor helping Brady get his family back would go a long way in making amends.

What do you think will happen? Give us your best guesses below!

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