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Honoring a longtime Days of our Lives actress and her iconic character.

There are few more iconic and recognizable faces across daytime than Deidre Hall, who’s been nobly (and sometimes demonically) playing Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of our Lives off and on since June 21, 1976 – exactly 44 years ago today. Soap fans already knew Hall from The Young and the Restless (Barbara), and she’d had a number of roles before signing on with daytime in Emergency! and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl – but Salem would quickly become her true home. Beautiful and blonde, Marlena radiates an air of authority, yet has always been able to be one of our most sympathetic, romantic heroines. She’s also been a trailblazer – TV wasn’t exactly full of female psychiatrists in the Bicentennial year. Over the years, she’s evolved into a core character and makes even the most outrageous stories feel believable (she’s been possessed and a suspected serial killer). She’s also one of the very few soap actresses to have her own real-life twin (Andrea Hall) play her twin on the show!

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Yes, it’s been a wild ride over Marlena’s (and Hall’s) four-plus decades in Salem, so let’s take a look back at some of the major moments that shaped our favorite “Doc.” And here’s to another 44 fabulous years. Soaps have had so many wild stories over the years, it’s hard to pick out the greatest or weirdest, but it’s possible that Marlena’s 1995 supernatural possession story might fit the bill for both.

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