Claire asks Marlena for help Days of our Lives
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Is Claire actually better, or is she the same old Claire?

Last week Claire’s doctors decided she was well enough to be released from Bayview. As the news spread, many, including Ciara worried. Jordan Ridgeway had fooled her doctors into thinking she was better, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that Claire has done the same. However many pointed out that Ben Weston is an example of someone who did the work, got on medication, and has made a remarkable recovery. It remains to be seen whether Claire is better, but it’s not looking likely. When Claire learned her parents wanted to take her back to Hong Kong with them she refused, pleading she returned to Salem to make things right with people she had hurt. In the Days of our Lives spoilers for today, Claire expresses wanting to make amends with Ciara. But does she?

Claire is already keeping secrets. She promised to protect her Bayview roommate Gwen’s secret that she had faked a breakdown to get committed in order to get away from her boyfriend Jake. She also found and stole Ben and Ciara’s Save the Date card from a doctor who treated Ben in Bayview. When Marlena found it in her belongings, Claire lied straight to Marlena and John’s face and claimed her parents gave it to her. Shawn and Belle did tell Claire about the wedding, but they had no idea she already knew about it from the card. And when she claimed to be tired and wanted to lay down on Friday’s episode, Claire snuck out and turned up on Ciara’s doorstep. While she’s busy making her case as a changed person to Ciara today, tomorrow’s spoilers indicate that John and Marlena realize Claire tricked them.

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It sure seems to us that Claire has fooled a lot of people and is still fixated on Ben and Ciara. We can’t help but wonder if she will trick them into thinking she’s better, only to pull something on their wedding day. It wouldn’t be a wedding in Salem unless something went wrong. Let us know in the comments if you think Claire is better and really wants to be friends with her aunt Ciara again, or if she’s the same old firestarter. Browse our gallery of Claire’s misdeeds below, and be sure to sign up for’s newsletter to keep up with all the latest news.