Bryan Datillo as Lucas Horton on Days of our Lives
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A broken heart, shocking crimes, and seeing things.

Lucas Horton resurfaces in Salem hot on the heels of his daughter Allie’s return on June 10. To commemorate Bryan Dattilo’s latest visit to Days of our Lives, we’re reliving some of Lucas’ more shocking moments, while wondering what’s in store this time around.

Scheming with Sami

In love with Carrie who was about to marry Austin, Lucas blackmailed Vivian (who he believed had his mother Kate killed) into finding a missing Sami to break up their wedding. A pregnant Sami returned to do just that by claiming the baby was Austin’s, but Lucas was really the father. That wouldn’t be the first or last time he and Sami tried to break up their siblings.

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Killing Franco Kelly

Lucas fatally shot Franco when he threatened to kill Lucas’ mother Kate. Instead of reporting the truth about what happened, Kate set Sami up for the murder so Lucas could get custody of his son Will. Guilt eventually got the best of Lucas though and he prepared to confess just as Sami was about to be executed for the crime. Conveniently, Kate procured someone else’s false confession, thereby saving Sami’s life, but not before a drunken Lucas got into a car accident, after kidnapping Will, who then required brain surgery.

Shooting EJ

When Sami was forced into leaving her new husband Lucas to marry EJ, Lucas shot EJ at their wedding. Lucas was sentenced to ten years in prison for the crime, but was let out early and placed on house arrest. That house turned out to be the DiMera mansion where Lucas lived with EJ, Sami, and Sami’s twins who had different fathers – EJ and Lucas.

Going undercover

Unable to adhere to his house arrest terms, Lucas removed his ankle monitor to sneak out. When he was caught, he agreed to go undercover in a maximum security prison to gather information on drug traffickers in exchange for a commuted sentence. Unfortunately, Lucas’ cover was blown and his fellow inmates beat him so badly he was sent to the hospital.

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Seeing things

A long suffering alcoholic, Lucas fell off the wagon after Adrienne broke up with him to return to Justin. He then started having hallucinations of his “dead” son Will. Lucas was too drunk to realize when he actually did see his son, who was very much alive, for the first time. When Lucas and Will were reunited, Lucas continued to drink leading to a car accident and eventually rehab once again.

What’s next?

Per the Days of our Lives spoilers, Lucas comes home to share distressing news with Kate. Since his daughter Allie also returns to Salem, with a big secret – she’s pregnant! – we have to wonder how much Lucas knows about his daughter’s life.

What do you think will happen upon Lucas’ return? What are your favorite moments from his past? Sound off on all things Lucas Horton below.

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