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Days of our Lives actor celebrates a milestone birthday.

Happy birthday to Days of our Lives Bill Hayes, who is celebrating turning 95 today. Hayes was born William Foster Hayes III in Harvey, Illinois on June 5, 1925. He entered WWII as a naval airman, and after studyied at DePauw University, where he met and married first wife Mary Hobbs. The couple had five children. He went on to earn a master’s degree at Northwestern University and quickly made a name for himself in Hollywood as a singer, even having several top-selling records. He was cast as conman and night club singer Doug Williams on Days of our Lives in 1970 where he met and married his co-star and on-screen love interest Susan Seaforth- Hayes (Julie Williams) in 1974. Their Days of our Lives characters married first in 1976. In honor of Hayes’ birthday and recently celebrating 50 years of Doug on Days of our Lives, we decided to look back at some of Doug’s most memorable moments on the show.

Doug’s introduction

Viewers first met Doug in prison when he was going by the name Brent Douglas. He befriended Bill Horton, who had been wrongly sentenced for a surgery that left a patient paralyzed, though it was later proven that patient was faking it. Bill was not cut out for prison life and Doug became his friend and protector, keeping Bill safe from the other inmates. Doug met Bill while saving his life during an attack on Bill.

Love ballad for Julie

Days of our Lives began to use Hayes’ previous career as a singer on the show, even building a nightclub around him called Doug’s Place, which Julie later turned into Wings, and recently re-opened as Julie’s place. Doug’s signature song, a love ballad for Julie, is the song Always. He still sings it on important occasions.

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Doug and Julie’s second wedding

Doug and Julie’s original wedding in 1974 was a beautiful church wedding in attendance by all of Salem. People even took off work and stayed home from school to watch it. After many ups and downs, Doug and Julie were married for the second time in a lavish partly-outdoor celebration. The couple’s second wedding took place on May 22 in 1981 and featured the bride and groom taking a beautiful carriage ride through the park, with Bill in a stunning blue suit and Julie adorned in a pink dress and hat.

Doug’s heart attack

One of Doug’s most memorable scenes was walking in on his daughter Hope Williams in bed with Bo Brady, who he didn’t approve of. He had a heart attack at the sight of them, which served to become a problem in Bo and Hope’s relationship and keeping the couple apart.

Doug’s “murder”

In 2003 all of Salem was on guard when The Salem Stalker, a figure dressed in a black hoodie and black gloves, violently murdered some of the most beloved citizens. When Doug unintentionally stumbled upon their identity, he was stabbed and left for dead, shocking viewers at his brutal murder. However, Doug and many of those killed had, their deaths faked and were secretly taken to the island of Melaswen, which was New Salem spelled backward. Andre DiMera orchestrated the murders and used a brainwashed Dr. Marlena Evans to carry them out.

Browse through our gallery of some of Doug and Julie’s most memorable moments, and share some of your favorite moments of Doug Williams in our comments.

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