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Days of our Lives serial arsonist.

Secrets & lies surrounded her since birth

Right from the beginning, Claire Brady has had a tough life. She was born on September 27, 2005 at St. Luke’s during one of Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts’ failed wedding attempts. At the time, Belle Brady believed Philip Kiriakis was her father. However at only a few months old, Claire became ill, and at the hospital her grandmother Kate Roberts learned her blood type was AB-, and it was impossible for Philip to be her father. Not wanting her son to lose his daughter, she kept it a secret. Mimi Lockhart also discovered the truth and hid it because and she was engaged to Shawn and didn’t want to lose him to Belle. It turned out that Claire needed a liver transplant to survive, and Zack Brady was found to be a match. The night he died in a car accident his liver was donated to Claire. When the truth about her paternity was finally revealed, Shawn and Belle reunited. However, Philip attempted to use his money and influence to get full custody of Claire, forcing Belle and Shawn to go on the run with baby Claire. Eventually, Philip dropped his pursuit of Claire. But we often wonder how this all contributed to who Claire is now.

Like all Salemites, she was kidnapped

In 2008 a young Claire was kidnapped by Crystal Miller and taken to New Ross, Ireland, for protection. This led the Brady family on a hunt for her and to Shawn Brady’s long lost sister Colleen Brady. Colleen revealed the source of the Brady and DiMera family feud and claimed to be John Black’s mother, making her Claire’s great-grandmother. Shortly after these events, Belle and Shawn left Salem with Claire to travel the world much like his parents Bo and Hope Brady did with a young Shawn. Claire was young when this happened but we’re betting she still has deep issues as a result.

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Things began to get dicey as a teenager

Claire returned a teenager in 2015. Her parents’ marriage had crumbled, and the young Claire was desperate to reunite them. She soon found solace in her music, a business manager in Eve Donovan, and Belle’s old friend Chloe Lane mentored her. Unfortunately, Claire’s jealousy of her Aunt Ciara Brady, and the two often competing for the same boy, led Claire down a dark path. Claire set a number of fires to attempt to kill several Salemites, including her aunt. When Tripp, Ben and Ciara set a trap to expose Claire, she pulled a knife on Tripp and held it to his throat. She knocked him out and took Ciara captive to the cabin where she planned to try and kill her again. However, she was found in time and talked out of killing herself by her grandmother Marlena Evans. Mentally broken and unstable, Claire was admitted to Bayview.

Is she rehabilitated?

This week, Claire met with her grandmother Marlena and asked her to help get released from Bayview. Marlena felt she wasn’t ready, but agreed to talk to Claire’s doctors and therapist. Pleased, Claire eyed Ben and Ciara’s Save the Date card for their wedding. Do you think Claire is really reformed and truly regretful for what she’s done, or is she out to wreak more havoc on Ciara and Ben? Take a look at our gallery of some of Claire’s nastiest moments.

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