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After hours poker with Xander and Philip.

Harold and Henderson, the DiMera and Kiriakis butlers are back in the new Days of our Lives fan fiction story which ponders what these two might have done after they left Brady’s pub when Roman gave them the boot so he could spend time with Hattie.henderson and harold mock employers days of our lives

“Could have been the three or four six-packs I don’t know, but look at the mess I’m in,” Harold and Henderson sing on their way out of the pub. They keep up their rendition of The Irish Rovers’ song as they meander into the town park and through the Horton Square where they wander down an alley, finding a poker game. Harold is an excellent poker player while Henderson is just good at bluffing. He was born to keep a stiff upper lift. Harold thinks to himself that they make a good team and usually clean up. But tonight, the two seats saved for them at the little, dimly lit basement dive are taken. Philip Kiriakis is already seated and to his left is Xander Kiriakis, who is sneering at Philip.

Henderson is pleased to see young Philip, who finally returned to Salem. It’s been years since the lad has been home. He recalls how Philip and Victor were on bad terms at the time and never thought Philip would ever return. Lost in his thoughts, Henderson bumps right into Harold as they find their way to the bar and sit and watch the game. Both men know what Xander did to hurt Sarah, and though the couple reunited, the men still haven’t gotten over the baby switch. They shoot each other a look that says they hope Philip cleans Xander out and then, try as he might, Henderson can’t fight the laughter that bubbles up as he thinks about the time he was about to regale Roldy with the story about coming upon Xander standing in front of his bathroom mirror, kissing his massive muscular biceps and using the Randy “Macho Man” Savage voice saying, “Oooh yeeeaaaah!” Xander looks over at Henderson, a pained expression in place, cringing. The butler knows way too much about him.

Henderson surreptitiously elbows Harold and inclines his head toward Xandy. The men smirk and turn toward the bar. Henderson can barely contain his laughter and tears stream down his face, as he tells Harold that story and starts in on another story involving El Erotico.

Since Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is back on Days of our Lives, you might want to take a look at the gallery below which lists all of the craziest things that have happened to Philip over the years.

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