DiMera family pictures Days
Credit: Image: Paul Skipper, Howard Wise/JPI

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

The DiMera family helped to transform Days of our Lives radically since their arrival. They have generally been the center of the most outlandish plots to occur over the past several decades and their brutal rivalry with the city’s other families, mostly the Brady clan, has been one of the most consistent points of tension.

The first generation had traveling salesman Santo DiMera begin an affair with novice Colleen Brady who was Shawn Brady’s sister. Santo wanted to marry Colleen and she fell for him and violated her oath and made love to him. She later learned that Santo lied that his wife had died. When she learned he was already married, she killed herself. This is what began the feud between the DiMera and Brady families and also sent Santo on the path to become an international crime lord. This backstory didn’t come out for years until 2007 in flashbacks with James Scott and Alison Sweeney playing the parts of Santo and Colleen.

The second generation started with Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) who produced an almost mythical number of children only matched in number by his fake deaths. Though his children did not always share his attitude toward the Brady family and the feud, he built a criminal legacy as his father before him and the vendetta, approaching these things with cartoonish levels of villainy, limited neither by the grave nor the other forces of nature and taking advantage of supernatural forces whenever he can.

Next came the third generation which included all of his children who were tainted in one way or another by Stefano’s machinations, while the fourth generation seems to have gone unscathed. Take a look at our gallery which includes all four generations of DiMera children and grandchildren and sign up for Soaps.com’s newsletter so you don’t miss all the latest news and gossip.