Kayla and Justin as a couple on Days
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Justin wants to take the next step with Kayla.

On Tuesday’s Days of our Lives episode, Steve Johnson had to talk Justin Kiriakis into not killing Orpheus in order to avenge Adrienne’s memory. Today, Justin will visit Adrienne’s grave and ask his late wife a huge question. Per the Days of our Lives spoilers he wants her permission to marry Kayla. There is no doubt that Adrienne would want her husband to be happy and move on with his life. However, even if he proposes to Kayla, there is no guarantee she will say yes. The viewers know she still loves Steve and is torn between both men. We have to wonder if she’s really ready to move on from Steve and dedicate herself to Justin.

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After a year’s time jump, viewers learned Adrienne was tragically killed in an automobile accident. Steve and Kayla had divorced through the mail, and Steve didn’t even bother to return to town for his sister’s funeral. Justin and Kayla’s support of one another turned into love. When Steve returned and it was revealed he had been implanted with Stefano DiMera’s memories by Dr. Rolf, who also turned Hope Brady into Princess Gina, things began to make more sense. However, when Steve regained his life and memories, he pushed Kayla away because he had unintentionally hurt her and felt she was better off with Justin.

On Friday, Steve has had a change of heart and is prepared to tell Kayla that he wants her back. Will he go through with it? By the time he summons the courage to tell her how he feels, he might just walk in on Justin proposing to Kayla. Perhaps then he’ll continue to back off and let her try to find happiness with Justin. However, will she or can she truly be happy without Steve?

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