Eli and Lani's engagement, pregnancy
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Lani and Eli’s surprise news stirs up old feelings.

During Monday’s Days of our Lives, Eric proposed to Nicole. In Wednesday’s episode, another engagement goes down when Eli pops the question to Lani. That’s not the only big thing that happens to the couple as per the Days of our Lives spoilers, they learn Lani’s pregnant the very next day. Both life changing events have happened to Elani before with disastrous results. Will things go better for the lovebirds this time around?

Eli and Lani’s first brush with marriage and parenthood wasn’t exactly idyllic. Lani got pregnant after a one-night-stand with Eli when they thought their significant others Gabi and JJ were cheating on them. Side note, they weren’t. Lani sadly lost the baby they named David after she went into labor too early, but happily, Eli and Lani eventually fell in love. Things got a little bumpy when a still grieving Lani started to get too attached to Jordan’s son while Rafe was taking care of him. However the two weathered that emotional storm and became engaged. Of course, more drama was to come as Gabi blackmailed Lani into dumping Eli at the altar, which she did to great anguish.

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After a year time jump, a reunion with Gabi for Eli, and a stint in the convent for Lani, the two are back in love. There is a lot less drama surrounding them this time around, so hopefully this wedding will go off without a hitch. However, things are bound to get intense as the spoilers also suggest Lani struggles with the news of her pregnancy. Memories of baby David are sure to surface for Lani as she will no doubt fear going through the pain of losing a child once again. Eli, on the other hand, is said to take the news more optimistically. Though he’ll undoubtedly have some concerns, we can only assume Eli will be a source of comfort and encouragement as Lani’s pregnancy progresses. She’ll also have Abe to lean on as he anxiously awaits the birth of his first grandchild.

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After the past couple of years, Eli and Lani are due for some happiness. Do you think they’ll get it? Share your thoughts after looking through Elani’s first (disastrous) attempt at marriage in the gallery below.

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