Marlena and John reunite DAYS
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Who will save the day?

On Monday’s Days of our Lives, Marlena and Steve rescued John from Orpheus’ clutches. While Orpheus was taken to the Salem Police Department, John and Marlena headed home for some good old fashioned canoodling. Unbeknownst to them, a bomb sat under their couch counting down to an explosion. We’re pretty sure John and Marlena will survive Orpheus’ latest attempt at revenge, but how?

John and Marlena could discover the bomb themselves. Maybe in the heat of passion they fall to the floor and spot it. Or Marlena’s earring falls out during a heavy make-out sesh and she finds the bomb while leaning over to pick it up. There’s also the option of Hope or Rafe alerting them to danger. The cops were last seen struggling with Zoey who is going along with her father’s plans in order to protect her son. Perhaps she knows he planted a bomb in the Black’s townhouse and reveals that information in an attempt to make up for pulling a gun on them. Since the Days spoilers say Rafe gets shot, maybe Hope is the one to run to the townhouse and dismantle the threat.

Bomb under John and Marlena's couch

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Let’s not count out Orpheus himself. He is currently in the SPD interrogation room being held at gunpoint by Justin. He could use the information about the bomb as leverage to keep Justin from pulling the trigger. Though, by the way Orpheus was taunting him, he might not see Justin as a credible threat. Since Steve is at the precinct as well, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for him to intervene and coerce information out of Orpheus that would lead them to tipping John and Marlena off. Of course, that might mean Orpheus could use that information in exchange for his freedom.

However the bomb is discovered, we’re left wondering if anyone gets caught in the explosion or if the bomb is dismantled before it goes off. Basically, will the townhouse survive?

What do you think happens with the bomb? Share your theories below! If you enjoy photo galleries, take a look at the Days of our Lives recap gallery from today’s episode which shows Steve tasering Orpheus!

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