Brady and Sarah have revenge sex on Days
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A jealous Xander will stop at nothing to spy on Brady and Sarah

Recently, wondered what some soap characters would be up to if they were in lockdown. We’ve expanded on this by writing this Days of Our Lives fan fiction piece, where we imagined how Xander, (Paul Telfer), Sarah, (Linsey Godfrey) and Brady (Eric Martsolf) would handle being locked down together. This fan fiction picks up after the trio has returned from Europe and Brady and Sarah are pretending to be involved. Brady and Sarah came back together on the Titan jet; Xander had to find his own way.

At the Kiriakis mansion, just in from a brisk walk around the grounds to let off steam, Xander lowers his bandana which he’s using to cover his mouth and nose. He pours a stiff drink. He, Brady, and Sarah have returned from Europe where, due to the current health crisis facing the world, they all must go into lockdown at the mansion. Because they returned to Salem at the same time, Sarah and Brady chose to quarantine together, in the same room for 14 days. “That louse,” Xander mutters to himself. “Using this crisis to get closer to Sarah.” He bangs down his drink and heads up to Brady’s room. “Sarah,” he shouts, putting his bandana back on. “I need to talk to you!” After a few moments, he’s back upstairs and the door opens a crack, revealing Sarah clad in a bedsheet wearing a face covering. “What is your problem?!” she demands to know. “I can’t be in contact with you, so go away!”

“Do you really want to be in isolation with that dingbat?” Xander asks. “You’re the dingbat and I’d isolate with a cow as long as it wasn’t you!” Sarah says, scowling. “Sarah, listen to me,” Xander implores. “Take some time for yourself to recover from the shock of losing little Mickey.” He pauses. “The last thing you should be doing is jumping into bed with someone right now! You should be isolating by yourself.”

“Brady is just what I need right now!” She opens the door a tiny bit more, just enough to reveal Brady shirtless on the bed. With that, she slams the door in Xander’s face. Xander leans against the closed door, and a sly twinkle comes into his eyes. “I know just how I can convince Sarah to stop locking down with Brady!”

The next day Sarah receives a call from Maggie from prison. Brady is reading a report on the bed as she talks with her Mother. “Sarah, darling, I need to talk to you,” she says sweetly. “Xander called me this morning.” Maggie sighs. “I don’t want to interfere – but is quarantining with Brady what you need right now? “Mom!” Sarah says, exasperated. On the other end of the line, Maggie fiddles with her face covering, hesitating. “But honey, I am worried about you. You need some time by yourself!”

“I can’t deal with this right now,” Sarah says, quietly. “I will call you later.” She hangs up the phone and reflects. “Maybe I should take some time to grieve and take stock, in isolation, by myself.” Brady looks up from his report. “What is it?” he questions, seeing her troubled face. Sarah stands at the foot of the bed. “Xander – and my Mother – thinks we shouldn’t be isolated together. I know us stuck together like this fits our plan, but it feels wrong somehow, given the crisis we are all facing,” Sarah says quietly. She looks down at the floor. “I mean maybe we should both be taking this time to really think and process – alone.”

Brady sits up, takes her hand, and draws her down next to him on the bed. “Sarah, this is just a ploy. Xander is trying to make you question yourself.” Brady leans in and strokes her face gently with his thumb. He smiles. “I enjoy being with you. I don’t want to be alone in quarantine.”  His thumb slowly drifts to her lip and he slowly leans in, softly kissing her.

Later, Sarah and Brady wait for Henderson to bring up their dinner meal. There is a knock at the door – Henderson enters, dressed in personal protective equipment – his face is covered with a bandana and he is wearing a hat, which seems unusual. “Your dinner Ma’am,” Henderson utters so quietly Sarah can barely hear him. Meanwhile, Henderson looks rapidly around the room, his eyes resting on Brady on the bed. Sarah suddenly realizes it’s Xander, not Henderson! “Xander!” she shouts. “Oh my god, get the hell out!” Brady springs up. “Xander, is that you?” he says, peering at the disguised person. Xander shoves their tray at Brady. “I swear to god I will find some way into this room every day. I won’t stand for this, Sarah! I won’t let you destroy your life for this piece of garbage!” Enraged, Sarah backs up. “Get out! Now!” she yells. Reluctantly, Xander leaves.

Sarah sits on the bed stunned. “Will he stop at nothing?” Brady takes her hand. “No,” he says simply. Sarah turns to look at him, smiling. “Sarah, let’s see where this goes. We’ve got two weeks alone – let’s enjoy each other’s company, no expectations.” He leans in and kisses her cheek. “And you gotta admit – it will be fun playing with Xander like this! He’s gonna go crazy, as this incident has proved!” Sarah laughs despite herself. “Well?” Brady asks. “Will you stay quarantined with me?”

What do you think Sarah will do? Will she remain in self-isolation with Brady?

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