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Days of our Lives characters lives were torn apart by lies.

After Days of our Lives’ Sarah and Brady’s lives were shattered by the web of lies Xander and Victor told to protect Maggie, and to justify switching Sarah’s dead baby with Brady and Kristen’s child, the pair united at Brady’s Pub to toast to getting their revenge.

Their plan began to take shape as Xander showed up at Brady’s looking for Sarah and found she had spent the night. Seeing that he was jumping to the conclusion that they’d had sex, Sarah let him believe it, knowing it would cause him pain. Xander, who is desperate for a second chance with Sarah, was gutted, but it’s probably only going to get worse. This is one sure way for Sarah and Brady to ensure Xander’s suffering is prolonged. Worse for Xander, commiserating and pretending to be a couple could lead to real feelings developing between Brady and Sarah, which would really twist the knife. It could only be more painful if Sarah learns she’s pregnant with Xander’s child, has another chance at becoming a mother, and decides to tell him it’s Brady’s to hurt him beyond all imagining. Separating Xander from his child as she was separated from Mickey/Rachel would be some kind of soapy vengeance.

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Brady’s plans for revenge also came to light as he asked Victor to reinstate him at Titan. With Xander fired, Brady is free to do as he pleases and holds the future of Victor’s empire in his hands. Given he’s probably not looking to make Victor any more money, and knowing Victor holds his company above almost all else, it’s likely he’ll plot its ruination. He could make some terrible investments and allow competitors like DiMera to get the best contracts for the shipping division until he brings Victor’s beloved Titan to the ground.

Xander and Victor both love Maggie, and though Xander saved her life, they’ll have to deal with her reaction to the lies they told on her behalf. Sarah and Brady could work to turn Maggie against them, which would wound both of them immeasurably. Moreover, Maggie could kick Xander out of the mansion, which would leave him homeless, jobless, and without love.

Can you think of other ways Brady and Sarah might take their revenge? How might Xander and Victor fight back? Share your thoughts in the comments, then read our Days of our Lives spoilers to find out what’s ahead in this riveting storyline.

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