Claire, Belle, and Shawn return to Days of our Lives
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Is Claire back for the better or worse?

Next week on Days of our Lives, Olivia Rose Keegan returns as Claire Brady. You remember Claire, the troubled young woman who was sent to Bayview after trying to burn her aunt and former BFF Ciara alive in the cabin. Her impending return leaves us wondering if she’s back to make amends or to cause more trouble. The timing of her reappearance coincides with other new and returning characters to Days this summer, prompting many a theory.

Per the Days of our Lives spoilers, Claire’s parents, Shawn and Belle, return to help get her out of Bayview. While they want her to move to Hong Kong with them, Claire insists on staying in Salem to repair things with Ciara. The rage she felt towards her aunt makes us a bit leery of her intentions, but even if she is sincere, we can’t help but wonder if the news of Ben and Ciara’s engagement will set her off or make her their ally.

Whatever happens, it’s a logical assumption that Claire will be involved in Ciara and Ben’s storyline, which could lead her into Jake’s orbit by association. Jake’s going to have his hands full as he will be forced to reach out to his ex, Gwen, in order to help Gabi, who has gotten mixed up with the goons who are after him. This calls into question Gwen’s character. Will she be a force for good or evil and just what does she know about Jake’s past? And because it’s a soap, we have to wonder if Claire and Gwen will cross paths. If so, would they be working with or against each other?

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Another returnee to Salem that could help Claire shake things up is her cousin Allie Horton. Sami and Lucas’ daughter arrives all grown up and is expected to make life a little difficult for her Uncle Eric and his girlfriend Nicole. Per the spoilers, Allie comes home armed with a secret that she shares with Eric. While we don’t know what that secret is, it could pertain to any number of things. Maybe it’s about her mother Sami or her father Lucas, who are also both on their way back to town. Of course, she could also know something about the identity of Stefan DiMera’s lookalike Jake, as Allie’s step-father is E.J. DiMera, who used to be married to Nicole, who also used to be married to Lucas. Whatever it is, we’re intrigued by the possibility that Sami’s and Belle’s daughters could team up to cause some mischief.

What do you think will happen this summer when Claire returns? Speculate below!

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