Days of our lives Ciara should not marry ben why
Credit: Image: XJ Johnson/JPI

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start, OK? I am just about as big a fan of Days of our LivesBen and Ciara as there is. Not only do I think that Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal have mad chemistry, but I totally love the fact that their characters’ pairing is straight out of the show’s classic bad boy/good girl supercouple playbook. They are, in short, golden.

But — and c’mon, you knew very well there was a “but” coming — “Cin” shouldn’t get married, at least not yet. Hey, hey, hold off on the hate mail until you hear me out. Also, do note that I didn’t say that they shouldn’t get married ever, just not yet.

“Why?” you ask. Because there are a few key steps that they haven’t taken that every duo ought to before they start that fateful walk down the aisle. And given the serious set of his-and-hers traumas in their pasts, there are a few extra hurdles that Ben and Ciara really should work to overcome before they consider saying “I do” without the words “need more therapy” following after them.

To find out why I hold this — again, I know, I know — unpopular opinion, click on the gallery below. Then, after you’ve reviewed my reasons for wanting the sweethearts to press “pause” on their wedding plans, you can hit the comments with your thoughts about Ben and Ciara becoming husband and wife. Whether you agree or disagree with my take, don’t worry, I can take it.